SINGER® Sewing Aids & Notions

SINGER® Sewing Aids & Notions

Pins & Safety Pins

Any sewist will tell you pins and safety pins are a must-have. You can count on SINGER® to provide these tough little tools to help with so many tasks, from holding the pattern to the fabric to keeping materials together while you stitch. Made of nickel-plated steel for durability and long-lasting use, our pins and safety pins are not only fun but they serve their purpose when you need to pin fabric, hems, or patterns. SINGER® pins and safety pins also work great for quilting and a variety of crafts.

Hand Needles

We do everything we can to create world-class needles for those passionate about the craft of sewing. Our hand needles are crafted from rust-resistant nickel-plated steel so they are both strong and built to last. These versatile needles feature top notch quality and thoughtful design with you in mind.


The SINGER® collection of thread packs and thread spools are designed to accommodate sewing enthusiasts and professionals. We have threads that are perfect for crafting, quilting, project sewing, or simple clothing repairs in a variety of nylon, polyester, and cotton.


Our SINGER® collection of patches are your perfect repair solution or embellishment for ripped jeans, jackets, and shirts. Our fabric patches come in varying sizes which makes mending and decorating clothing simple and easy. The Iron-On and Peel ‘n Stick designs require no sewing, which is useful for quickly mending holes and adding embellishments respectively.


Make quick repairs to clothing and other fabrics without sewing by using our SINGER® no-sew adhesives. Our collection includes adhesives that are built for durability and repetitive use. SINGER® adhesives are a must for sewing and notions kits or craft kits. craft kits.

Measuring & Marking

Measure & Marking sewing aids help sewers know exactly where to cut and sew. Flexible vinyl tape measures allow you to measure both flat and curved lines on and off a body, while sewing gauges can assist with hem depth, seam allowances, and more. Each SINGER® measuring tool conveniently comes in inches and centimeters which makes alterations simple. With SINGER® marking tools such as our water-soluble fabric marking pencils and pens, sewers can transfer designs and mark up fabric as needed with the ability to remove and redo markings.

Measure and mark your fabric with ease using an assortment of SINGER® measuring and marking tools.

Hook and Eyes Fasteners


Always be prepared to fix missing buttons, snaps and other fasteners with quick and easy clothing closure replacements. Our collection of fasteners includes hooks and eyes, sew-on snaps and hooks ‘n bar closures. They come in multiple sizes and colors to ensure you have the proper closure and that you can match it to you clothing or fabrics.


Threaders allow sewers to easily thread the eye of a needle without straining their vision. Machine and hand needle threaders are versatile tools to help you effortlessly thread your sewing needles with sewing thread, embroidery floss, or Persian yarn. Aside from standard wire needle threaders, SINGER® offers various types of needle threaders like our needle threaders with built-in thread cutters, our specialty serger machine needle threaders, and our unique automatic needle threader assistant for the sewer who desires extra convenience. 

Seam Rippers

Seam rippers are an essential sewing accessory with sharp two-pronged blades perfect for picking threads, opening stitched buttonholes and removing buttons and snaps. Found in any sewist’s tool kit, these handy sewing aids enable sewers  to alter or repair stitches on garments and upholstery without harming fabric. SINGER® seam rippers are easy to hold, maneuver and provide a secure grip for repeated stitch removal. Most come equipped with a comfort grip handle and a safety cap to cover them when not in use.


Thimbles are a great way to protect your finger while sewing. These indispensable sewing tools fit over your finger, protecting from pricks and making it easier to hold fabric. Our collection of thimbles accommodate multiple finger sizes and nail shapes, and are offered in plastic, metal, and leather. Thimbles are a must-have tool needed in every sewer’s tool kit.


Elastic is an incredibly flexible and versatile fabric used in elastic waistbands, leggings, athleisure, swimwear, and other clothing. Elastic is mostly made from rubber which allows clothing to be stretched easily and resume its original shape and length repeatedly. There are many varieties of elastic that should be used for different projects and purposes. SINGER® offers a multipack of white knit elastic in different sizes to allow the user to customize waistbands and fix multiple elastic hems.

Fabric Care

Keeping your clothes in their best shape is key if you want them to last. SINGER® offers a wide range of garment care essentials that can help extend the life of your favorite garments. To name a few, our button fastener is the perfect handheld tool for button replacements on the go and our wardrobe repair essentials kit comes equipped with fabric combs and repair tools to keep your knitwear tidy and clean. With these easy-to-use tools around the house or on the go, you’ll sustain the lifespan of  your clothing and continue looking great in them for years to come.

Specialty Tools

In addition to standard sewing aids, SINGER® also offers unique sewing tools to make your sewing projects easier and more efficient. Our stiletto and awl combo pack is a dynamic duo great for tailors, dressmakers, and general sewists.The stiletto tool features a rubber tip to securely grip fabric and gently ease it under a sewing machine’s presser foot. It can also be used for other gripping tasks, such as holding fabric edges and corners in place when ironing to prevent burning your fingers. The awl is a sharply pointed tool used for piercing fabric, leather, and other heavy materials. It is a perfect tool for starting or enlarging a hole, and it comes with a safety cap to cover the pointy tip when not in use.

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