SINGER® Handheld Mending Machines

SINGER® Handheld Mending Machines

Handheld Machines

Handheld mending machines are cost friendly and portable. Our collection of portable cordless mending machines require little to  no sewing experience – perfect for all levels. The ergonomic design of each model provides convenience and control when creating small DIY sewing and craft projects, hemming, temporary basting, and fixing quick clothing repairs on the go. We do not recommend performing complex sewing projects with any handheld machine.

SINGER® Stitch Quick+

The new SINGER® Stitch Quick+ ™ is an improved portable mending machine for handheld or tabletop use with two-thread stitch capability. Great for people that are on the go, this cordless battery-operated machine is packable and light. With the option to be powered by a cord, it provides balance and control for sewing and mending projects in a slim, ergonomic design. This handheld mending machine has an easy-to-use safety switch that allows for toggling on/off in handheld mode, or it can be set to stitch continuously in tabletop mode. Additionally, it comes with assorted sewing notions including threaded bobbins, needles, a needle threader, and a spindle, all of which can be stored in its built-in storage compartment. Requires four AA batteries, not included.

SINGER® Stitch Sew Quick

The SINGER® Stitch Sew Quick™ is a compact and portable handheld mending machine designed for fixing small holes, mending clothing, and tacking upholstery. With its cordless capability and built-in power switch, it allows users to move freely around one or multiple projects and offers single-thread stitch capability to ensure precise repairs. This compact sewing tool will sit with ease in the palm of your hand while you create.

SINGER® Stitch Sew Quick 2

The SINGER® Stitch Sew Quick™ 2 is a compact and portable double stitch mending machine, perfect for fast repairs to clothing and everyday household items. From bedding to curtains, this battery operated mini portable mending machine works on all household fabrics. The stitching machine has an automatic winding function and dual speed control. Its cordless capability allows the user to move freely around one or multiple projects, and its built-in power switch allows for safe management.

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