SINGER® Machine Maintenance & Accessories

SINGER® Machine Maintenance & Accessories


When it comes to sewing, bobbins play the same role as a spool of thread. The thread in a bobbin is only one of two thread sources needed when using a sewing machine. Together, the two threads create the stitch. Bobbins are an essential tool and sewing accessory for general sewing and SINGER® offers a wide range of bobbin styles, types, and sizes to get you started. We recommend consulting your sewing machine manual before first use.

Class 15

Class 15 bobbins are flat on the top and bottom and the second most common used bobbin.

We offer plastic and metal empty Class 15 bobbins and plastic prewound Class 15 bobbins with black, white, and assorted colored thread.

Class 15J

Class 15J bobbins are slightly curved yet smaller than Class 15 bobbins, and should not be used interchangeably. They are proprietary bobbins that fit specific SINGER® machine models.

We offer plastic empty Class 15J bobbins, and plastic prewound Class 15J bobbins with black, white, and assorted colored thread.

Class 66

Class 66 bobbins are unique bobbins that are curved on the top and bottom that fit mostly older SINGER® machine models. 

We offer plastic and metal empty Class 66 bobbins, and plastic prewound Class 66 bobbins with black and white thread.

Machine Solutions

Simplicity, ease of use, and durability are the cornerstones of the SINGER® brand and as leaders in this industry our products embody just that. It’s important to invest in sewing machine accessories that will maintain your machine’s life and ease your sewing experience. With the proper sewing machine solutions, you can keep your sewing machine running smoothly and efficiently before any problem occurs.

A screwdriver set allows sewers to change needle plates and adjust bobbin case tensions on sewing machines and on other small appliances.

A gauge and guide allows sewers to sew straight lines with different sized seam allowances while using a sewing machine.

A machine needle inserter can take the hassle out of changing needles on your sewing machine.

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